Sometimes less is more

Hi! It’s been a while since my last update so I might be more than rusty! I’ve been busy with school, training in silence and repairing my car. Today I want to talk you about training and how sometimes less is more. I try to keep my blogs in English so international readers can understand my babbling too! 🙂

Training frequency

Is it crucial to train every day twice a day in order to get huge? The answer is no. At least if you’re ”a natty”… In order to get more muscular and stronger you have to get your body (and mind too) to supercompensate. What it means is that you have to train intense enough to make those microdamages to your muscles. Then you have to get enough nutrients to your body so it can repair those damages so fast it leads to supercompensation (your body gets bigger and stronger than it was). Rest is the last but not the least part of the equation of supercompensation. Your muscles and nervous system need to rest. Nervous system needs it even more than your muscles because its recuperation time is pretty much standard. Therefore if you train hard enough you probably can’t train twice a day nor every damn day. Or maybe you can but your body can go to a really catabolic state and it can eventually lead to overtraining, injuries etc. etc.. So learn to listen your body, take some time off if you must, eat well, sleep well and train hard and smart to keep those gains coming. I, myself, believe that most people’s training frequency should be between 3-5 times per week.

What’s new?

What comes to my training, I have nothing new to tell you.. I’m training without supplements because my wallet says no, no and no. It’s hard because I can’t afford to eat as clean as I would like to nor can I train as hard as I would like to… (If there are potential sponsors reading this I would very much like to share some thoughts with u, hahhah 😉 ) Well, maybe I’ll find a way to make things work for me but now the situation is this. On the positive side, we moved to a new house just before the Christmas. It’s been nice because I have space to play guitar, build cars and do stuff I love. My latest triumph is learning Tig welding. It’s so rewarding. Although life isn’t like dancing on the clouds, I feel blessed to be just where I am right now. Sometimes less is more and more would be too much to handle.

PS. I created an instagram account so you can see what I’m up to at